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Marek Bennett teaches music, folksong, folkdance, & musical games to groups of all ages.
(He also draws comics and teaches at COMICS WORKSHOP.)


Current Musical Projects:

  • Sings/strums/honks with NH-based band, BIG PAWS
  • Makes up songs about things like forests, fish, oatmeal, high-tension powerlines, and sunshine.
  • Teaches preschool song, dance, & movement
  • Instrumental instruction (guitar, ukulele)


  • M.Ed. (Curriculum & Instruction, K-8) ~ Keene State College ’04
  • B.A. in Mathematics, B.A. in Music (Composition) ~ Brown University ’97
  • Piano study (Suzuki method, classical & modern) ~ Robert Frailey (New London, NH)

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Top-Secret Objectives:

  1. To engage friends & strangers alike in creative collaborative musical experiences
  2. To learn new combinations of sounds and rhythms, and…
  3. To preserve & practice old ones
  4. To make music that changes the way we think about the world!!!!
  5. To ABOLISH the artificial alienating dichotomies of “performer/audience” and “art/not-art” and “serious/silly” and ENCOURAGE the spontaneous creation of music by everyone, everywhere!
  6. To become a better accordion player!

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Earliest (Musical) Memories:

  • Grandpa Northup singing hymns & playing piano with two fingers of each hand
  • Making up endless silly alternate lyrics for songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Old McDonald”
  • Getting the words wrong to Christmas carols & not being all that concerned
  • Studying Suzuki-style piano, playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” endlessly, and later learning Bach & Mozart by ear
  • Grandma Bennett putting her hand on the piano to “listen” to music (she was deaf)
  • Trying to imitate that Muppet piano-player guy who smashes his head against the keyboard when he makes a mistake… and being told that was not the way to behave during a piano lesson
  • Getting a “boom box” and listening to Sheena Easton & the “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack in the “way-back” of the Ford Fairmont on the way to the Boston Science Museum
  • Getting teased on the playground for liking “classical music and all that junk”…. fervently denying the charges
  • Hating having to practice every day (especially in the winter, because the piano was in an unheated room to protect it from the arid woodstove air)
  • At a certain age, being told I could stop taking piano lessons if I really didn’t like it all that much…  Thinking it over and deciding to keep going with it.
  • 1987: discovered top-40 countdowns on the radio
  • 1991: saw Oliver Stone’s “The Doors”, bought first keyboard in the middle of a hurricane while the Soviet Union crumbled on TV
  • 1991: joined high school drama club musical band (piano & keyboards)
  • 1992: got first (& only) electric guitar
  • 1996: joined student old-time string band @ college (played penny whistle)
  • 2005: started teaching history & Spanish through music & dance
  • 2010: got that cute little red accordion

Why Music?

  • It connects people across cultures & time & space!
  • It combines equal parts mathematics, emotion, information, and abstract form!
  • Humans cannot help but respond physically & emotionally!
  • All human societies use it to make sense of their world!
  • It brings life to any subject and setting!
  • It transports us into other times, places, roles, and points of view!
  • It invites participation & close attention!
  • It helps us remember complex concepts and ideas in words, images, sequences, and movements!
  • It’s good exercise!
  • It’s challenging!
  • It’s darn fun!

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  • piano
  • guitar
  • ukulele
  • banjo
  • accordion
  • penny whistle